Identity Project SNEMN Women's Conference 2017

  • Hello!

    What an awesome journey we are about to embark upon together!

    When my husband and I came to New England 8 years ago, I never imagined God would so firmly plant our roots here. We are both originally from the Midwest, but this region of the US has not only become our mission field; it has become our home.

    I have been married to Brad Causey for almost 11 years. We often call ourselves the crazy Causey clan as we have three little beautiful crazies, Cavin (7yrs), Paxton (4yrs), and Havyn (almost 3yrs). They keep our heads spinning, but they are a gift and a joy. Our family is our priority second to our Heavenly Father. He continuously gives us the grace to minister first to one another, then to our babies, and finally to others around us. We don’t always get it right, but God is always graciously helping us grow.

    Brad and I are both ordained ministers, and currently on staff at Evangel Assembly in Wilbraham, MA. I have the joy and privilege of staying at home part time with my 3 children, while serving part time overseeing the areas of Communication and Pastoral Care. We have been at Evangel for 7 years, however we will be transitioning in late  2017 into  a new season. Our desire is to follow God in full surrender and go where He invites us. God is working powerfully in Southern New England (SNE), and we are humbled that He has invited us into His purposes. He has called us to plant a church in SNE, and we could not be more excited to be a part of what God is doing.

    My first calling is ministry to my family and ministry with my husband. Beyond this, though, is an individual calling and passion to help those that have been broken by life’s difficulty to experience Christ’s beautiful grace and healing, and as a result experience the abundant life and restoration He offers. He has placed a burden and call in my heart to share His truth of holistic inner transformation (emotionally, spirituall­­­y, physically) that overflows to an external love for God and others.

    My prior ministry to women includes pastoral counseling/care to women, ministry in written form through my blog (, and the privilege to oversee our Women’s Ministry at Evangel which I have recently resigned from to pursue God’s invitation into other areas of ministry. When Pastor Bob presented this opportunity, I was overwhelmed and honored. None of us are truly deserving of any leadership position that God chooses to offer, but in His grace He invites us in. This path speaks to a call very dear to my heart. There has been a quiet surrendered burden in my heart for some time (in any way God would allow) to help equip and empower women to know and be known by our Father, and as a result love and lead well. I never envisioned how this call would play out because it is God’s to give and God’s to own.

    God has an incredible plan and next season of ministry in store for the women of Southern New England. I am regularly seeking His heart for what He would have for us. I am trusting He will equip me, and offer what is necessary to serve well. It is a wonderful privilege and honor for God to invite me into this process and on this path for however He sees fit. I am deeply grateful for this gift and am excited to see where He leads us.

    In Christ’s love and care,

    Rev. Christan Causey



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